The Malone Center - Lincoln, Nebraska

Support The Clyde Malone Community Center’s Breaking the Cycle Capital Campaign.

The Clyde Malone Community Center is embarking on a $20.7 million capital campaign to renovate its run-down decades-old facility. The current state of the building does not reflect our vision for excellence or our commitment to those we serve.

Together we will build a 52,000-square-foot community center with dedicated and flexible space to serve our growing community. Today, we preach wealth and abundance from a building that is falling apart. The Breaking the Cycle Capital Campaign will change that. Together, we’ll do this by creating:

  • Dedicated and private space. Each program will have its own dedicated space to serve growing needs. Our staff will have modern offices and our clients will have supportive areas and classrooms to meet their needs in a comfortable and safe environment.
  • Flexible and functional space. Shared spaces for the community will include a computer lab for clients, lounge and game rooms, homework space for after school, spacious and modern conference rooms, STEM learning classrooms, and breakout rooms for meetings and gatherings.
  • A gymnasium. A cornerstone space within the new center will be a modern, high-school-sized gymnasium for the Athletic Program with locker rooms and restrooms for athletes, coaches, and officials. This community asset will also be a rental space for community events.
  • A modern kitchen. Food is an important piece of celebrating culture with our community. Today we have no space to cook for our programs or events. A new commercial kitchen next to the gymnasium will allow us to store and prepare food as needed for events and programs.

Our new space will reflect our commitment to growth and excellence and serve as a platform for our work building the path out of poverty for those we serve. With your support, we will build Malone’s new facility and realize our vision of prosperity and growth for the Lincoln community.

To learn more, contact John Goodwin at 402-318-5841 or send an email to

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